Upcoming IPO in 2021: List of New IPO in India

Upcoming IPO 2021 in India

List of Upcoming IPO in 2021

Issuer Company Open & CLose Date (Tentative)* Issue Size (in Rs Cr)*
Windlas Biotech Limited IPO August 04, 2021 to August 06, 2021 401.54
Devyani International Limited IPO August 04, 2021 to August 06, 2021 1,838
Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited IPO August 04, 2021 to August 06, 2021 1,213.33
Exxaro Tiles Limited IPO August 04, 2021 to August 06, 2021 161.09
CarTrade Tech Ltd. IPO August 09, 2021 to August 11, 2021 2,998.51
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd IPO August 09, 2021 to August 11, 2021 5,000
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd IPO August 10, 2021 to August 12, 2021 2,780.05
Chemplast Sanmar Limited IPO August 10, 2021 to August 12, 2021 3,850
Aashka Hospitals Limited IPO August, 2021 101.64
Fincare Small Finance Bank IPO August, 2021 1,330
ESAF Small Finance Bank August, 2021 976.24
MobiKwik IPO September, 2021 1,900
Bajaj Energy IPO 2021 5,450
Studds Accessories IPO 2021 450
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO 2021 22,000-24,000
Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels IPO 2021 1,000
Go Airlines IPO 2021 3,600
Devyani International IPO 2021 1,400
Nykaa IPO 2021-22
Shriram Properties IPO 2021 800
PolicyBazaar IPO 2021 1,200
Delhivery IPO 2021 500
One97 Communications (PayTM) IPO 2021 3,000
Byjus IPO 2021 2,000
Flipkart IPO 2021 1,000
OLA Cabs IPO 2021 1,500
LIC IPO 2021-22 70,000-80000
NSDL IPO To be announced
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) IPO To be announced

*The open date, close date, and issue size are tentative and may change once the issue goes live in the market.

Recent IPO Listing Day Performance

Issuer Company Open & CLose Date (Tentative)* Issue Size (in Rs Cr)*
Glenmark Life Sciences IPO July 27, 2021 to July 29, 2021 1,513.60
Rolex Rings IPO July 28, 2021 to July 30, 2021 731
Zomato Ltd. IPO July 14, 2021 to July 16, 2021 9,375
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd. IPO July 16, 2021 to July 20, 2021 500

Common FAQs on Upcoming IPO

What is an IPO?

The initial public offer (IPO) means a company issues the stock or shares to the public for the first time and becomes a public company. In other words, it is the process by which a Private Limited company becomes a Limited company with the initial sale of its stock/shares.

What is an Upcoming IPO?

The IPOs which are expected to launch soon are known as Upcoming IPOs. Upcoming IPO is the term used to define the public offering of companies that have registered or drafted with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

Such companies file DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) to SEBI and after the approval, they file RHP as the final process of the IPO.

What is the primary purpose of IPOs?

Becoming a public limited company is a big strategic decision. A company generally becomes public with an IPO offering due to many reasons such as raising capital, compensating employees with public company stock and stock options, acquiring other companies with an equity share, or building the brand to reach a broader customer base.

Is investing in IPO beneficial?

Yes, investing in the right IPO is profitable for both short-term and long-term investments. Investors should invest in those company’s upcoming IPO whose financial state is very good and the demand is high.

What is IPO Open Date / Close Date?

The opening date of the IPO bidding process is known as IPO Open Date and the closing date of the IPO bidding process is known as IPO Close Date. Investors can apply for an IPO during these dates only.

What is the Lot Size in IPO?

The Lot Size is defined as the minimum count of shares an investor needs to apply in an IPO. A Lot Size of ‘500’ in an IPO means an investor has to bid for at least 500 shares for that IPO.

What is the Issue Price or Price Band in IPO?

The Issue Price or Price Band is a range of prices per equity share provided to investors. It refers to the lower as well as the upper price range of the share price.

There are 2 types of IPO’s- Book Building and Fixed Price IPOs. The Fixed Price issues have a specific price to bid and the Book Building IPO has a price range, such as Rs 625-628 and the investor needs to bid within the price range.

What is the Issue Size in IPO?

The IPO Issue Size is the total monetary value of the IPO. It is determined by the multiplication of the number of shares and per share issue price.

Can I buy IPO without a Demat account?

No, as per SEBI rules a person needs to have a Demat account to apply for an IPO.

What are the upcoming IPOs in 2021 in India?

The companies that get SEBI’s approval will come soon with an IPO listing. Those upcoming IPOs 2021 in India are One97 Communications (PayTM), NSDL, Bajaj Energy, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, Fincare Small Finance Bank, Go Airlines, Nuvoco Vistas, CarTrade Tech Ltd., Nykaa, Devyani International, Shriram Properties, Devyani International, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, Studds Accessories, Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited, Delhivery, Byjus, Flipkart, OLA Cabs, NCDEX, and LIC.

What is GMP in IPO or Stock Market?

The ‘Grey Market Premium’ or GMP is a term that people use in the IPO market to check the estimated price of the IPO on listing and it indicates how the IPO might react on listing day. Before launch, IPO shares are traded in the grey markets at a higher or lower price from the issue price. Grey Market Premium is an unofficial trading session that does have an effect on the IPO.

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