5 Best Ways for Natural and Fast Hair Growth

Ways for Natural and Fast Hair Growth

Are you worried about your continuous hair loss? Or no idea how to increase hair volume? Then, believe me you are not the one.

With the continuous growing stress and pollution, it has become really hard to keep your hair soft and intact. One of out of 50 women in the world are suffering from excessive hair loss or struggling to get good & fast hair growth. After all, hair is the most beautiful and precious assets we have received from nature and no matter how much we boast of today’s technology, chemical cosmetics and hair transplant option, we cannot make the comparison to natural hairs.

So, cutting things to short- here is the list of hair growth tips that can help you with natural hair growth and can save you from hair fall stress. Let’s take a look:

Top 5 Tips for Natural and Fast Hair Growth

In the Internet world, you may get number of hair growth tips to increase hair volume in no minutes. But understand hair is not a cake to get baked in oven. It is a process that you should follow with an understanding of how hair grows. These natural fast hair growth tips can do wonders if you try it daily or weekly or as per instructions. It may not only grow your hair stronger but will surely boost the length and volume of hair naturally with shine. Let’s read on how to make your grow faster and healthy in few steps.

1. Take Healthy and Balanced Diet

take healthy and balanced diet

Diet is the most important part of the any fitness module and it’s essential for your hair growth too. Hair are made up of protein and thus needs consistent nourishment and die full of proteins and vitamins. Also a well- balanced diet with hair growth vitamins, minerals and protein can be obtained easily at home without adding expenses. It make the hair grow from inside and what is exactly you want, right?

So, if you want to increase hair volume and grow it faster, you must include these things in your diet chart. They are-

  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Seeds
  • Lean Fish
  • Chicken
  • Fruits
  • Omega 3

2. Massage Your Scalp

massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp is a great exercise that you can opt for increasing your hair volume. It stimulates circulation of blood and relaxes your mind from stress. Massaging your head with oil is a natural hair booster that nourishes your hair and keep hair moist. It also enhances your natural oil that is secreted from your scalp. So, here are the tips to do a better massage for good hair growth.

  • Take a tablespoon of coconut oil for massage. As it contains hair growth vitamins and nutrients which works as natural conditioner to your hair.
  • Heat the oil.
  • Dip your fingertips and massage gently on your scalp.
  • Try that you do massage in circular motion so that it could spread the oil at all the parts of scalp.

Should be done: Daily or Night before you wash your hair. Doing it often or thrice or more in a week can yield best results.

3. Go for Trimming

go for trimming

If you want to grow your hair long, then you must trim your hair. Doing trimming helps you to remove the split ends that is inhibiting the growth of hairs. Split ends for a long time can make your hair thin and lead to unexpected high breakage. Thus, you must trim hair and look for a salon where you can get trim better as doing it wrong may result worse than you have expected.

Should be done: Once in Every 3 months

4. Washing Your Hair is Good But Not Everyday

washing your hair is good but not everyday

It is a myth that regular shampooing can make your hair good and healthy. The truth is you should not do it too often. It is essential that you keep your hair clean so that it doesn’t feel stingy and cause itching or dandruff but for that if you think shampooing can be good, you are absolutely wrong.

Washing your hairs with shampoo every day or often tend to make your hair loose its strength and dry it. It removes the natural hair from your hair and make you scalp dry for a long time. Using high chemical contained shampoo or dandruff shampoo with high ZPTO may also damage your hair. Thus, hair experts always advice that you wash your hair seldom and that of with a good mild shampoo.

Should be done: 2 days in a week or once in a week depending upon the type of your scalp.

You might like to do it every day and look elegant in your way but do you know brushing your hair for long time can damage it. Yes, it’s true. Brushing air for more than 5 or 10 minutes can cause hair fall and break it from mid. You must never brush your hair when it is wet. Wet air are weak and can easily break with brushing. Thus, it is suggested that you brush hair when it is completely dried naturally. Here are some dos and don’ts to brushing-

  • Always brush gently and never be harsh. It may break your hairs and may also cause Alopecia.
  • Try to brush hair down to the length of hair strengths.
  • Don’t pull your brush if the hair strands are messy and tangled. Untangle hairs gently to reduce the hair loss.
  • A good and gentle brushing may work as good massage to the scalp helping your natural hair to spread all over the hairs.

Should be done: for 5- 10 minutes everyday

5. Try Natural Hair Remedies

try natural hair remedies

Nature is full of benefits and is really fruitful when it comes to increase your hair volume. It doesn’t leave any side effects and make your hair damage. Instead choosing natural hair packs for your hairs stimulates the faster hair growth and help in adding strength and volume. Here are the fast hair growth tips with natural hair remedies.

  • You may prepare hair pack by mixing honey, lemon, avocado and olive oil. It will moisture your hair and enable your hair to grow faster.
  • Hair packs with Shikakai (Acacia Concinna), Heena and Coconut Oil is effective for strong and long hair.
  • You can use onion juice and apply it on scalp for 15 minutes for growing hair back and increasing volume of hair.
  • Using Fish oil and Ginsenosides can boost your immunity and promote hair growth. It stimulates hair follicles and work as antioxidants for getting hair volume.
  • Lemon oil can be used to massage your scalp to maintain a good hair growth. You can do it regularly to keep you scalp clean with dandruff, itching and other hair loss problems. Using it for 15 minutes before shampoo is best for hair quality and growth.

Should be done: Weekly or once or twice in a week. You can use it as per your wish.

The Bottom Line!

Remember hair growth take time and you need to be patient for it. If you dream of healthy, shiny and beautiful hair then follow the above steps consistently. Be creative with your natural hair packs and experiment with nutritional diet. Stay positive and hopeful, a stressful mind can bring any change you want whether it’s your hair, heart, body or life.

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